How To Solve Issue Of Lice

1. Tea Tree Oil For Head Lice
You Will Need
Tea tree oil
What You Have To Do
Apply a few drops of the tea tree oil to the affected scalp and hair before going to bed.
Place a towel on the pillow and go to sleep as usual.
In the morning, comb the hair thoroughly to remove all the dead lice and nits.
How Often You Need To Do This

Repeat this every night for three to seven days.

Why This Works
Being a natural louse repellent, tea tree oil is a good way to prevent hair lice infections. Whenever there is a head lice outbreak at your child’s school, use this remedy. Tea tree oil has insecticidal and ovicidal effects, which means it kills the lice and also the eggs. A 100% mortality rate of lice was observed in an experiment that was conducted in 2012 using this essential oil (2).

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2. Mayonnaise For Lice

You Will Need
Shower cap

What You Have To Do
Rub mayonnaise generously on the affected scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and leave it on overnight.
Remember to remove the nits that may remain by hand.
How Often You Need To Do This
Repeat this after a few days, if required.

Why This Works
This will smother the lice. You can shampoo the next morning to get rid of the bodies (3).

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3. Listerine For Lice

You Will Need
Shower cap
Nit removal comb
What You Have To Do
Douse your hair and scalp in Listerine and cover with the shower cap. Be careful to not get any Listerine in your ears or on your face.
Leave the shower cap on for two hours. Rinse regularly with shampoo.
Follow this with a thorough combing session to remove any remaining lice and nits.
How Often You Need To Do This
Repeat after a week or as and when necessary.

Why This Works
Listerine contains eucalyptus and thymol, which are effective in killing the lice (4).

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4. Olive Oil Lice Treatment

You Will Need
Olive oil
Shower cap
What You Have To Do
Apply the oil thoroughly all over the scalp and hair.
Cover with a shower cap and leave it on overnight.
Wash with lukewarm water and comb to remove all remaining lice and eggs.
How Often You Need To Do This
Repeat this for another night or two, if required.

Why This Works
Olive oil suffocates the adult lice and also helps in easily sliding off the nits from the hair when it is combed with a nit removal comb (5).

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5. Coconut Oil For Head Lice

You Will Need
Coconut oil
Disposable shower caps
Nit comb
What You Have To Do
Warm up the oil and apply it generously on the scalp. Massage for a few minutes and cover with a shower cap.
Leave it on for two hours. Then, comb thoroughly with the nit comb to remove dead lice and eggs.
Shampoo and condition as usual.
Once the hair is dry, apply warm coconut oil again, cover with a fresh shower cap, and leave it on overnight.
Comb your hair in the morning to remove all the dead lice and eggs. Rinse your hair.
How Often You Need To Do This
Repeat this once or twice a week.

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Why This Works
Like olive oil, coconut oil also suffocates the lice and does not let them or the eggs get attached to the hair easily (6). Using a nit comb properly is essential for this home remedy to work well.


How To Cure A Stye

If you have a small, red, tender bump inside or outside your eyelid, it’s probably a stye. It looks like a pimple, and it can be sore. But it’s not usually serious and won’t affect how you see.

A stye happens when the area at the base of your eyelashes or one of the glands along your eyelid becomes clogged and irritated — like a skin gland on your face gets clogged and irritated and becomes a pimple. People usually have it on just one eyelid, but you can have one in both eyes at the same time. A stye may be a one-time thing, but some people have lots of them.

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When you first get a stye, you may have redness or a tender feeling near your eyelid. Here are other signs:

A red bump with a small pus spot in the center
The feeling that there’s something in your eye
Your eye feels sensitive to bright light
Crust along the eyelid
A scratchy or itchy feeling around the eye
Your eye makes extra tears

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After several days, most styes burst and go away on their own. But cleaning it will help bring the pus out. Then it will drain on its own. You can do a few things to get rid of it faster:

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Soak a clean washcloth in very warm water and put it over the stye (wash your hands first). Do this for 5 to 10 minutes several times a day. Gently massage the area while the washcloth is over your eye.
Clean your eyelid with a cotton swab soaked in watered-down baby (“no tears”) shampoo every day or two. Don’t use regular soap or shampoo — it will burn.
Keep your face and eyes very clean, and get rid of any crust you see around your eye.
Because the stye looks like a pimple, you might want to squeeze it. Don’t do that. It can make things worse.

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If the stye is sore, you can try a pain reliever like ibuprofen (Advil or Motrin).

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Don’t wear eye makeup, and switch to glasses if you wear contacts. After the stye has healed, make sure you clean and disinfect your contact lenses in the solutions recommended by your eye doctor. Or, better yet, go with a new pair of lenses.